$500 off switch-n-go bodies

Did your Switch-N-Go loader unit originate from Hartford Truck? If so, you could qualify for savings!

How to know if you qualify:

  • Identify your Switch-N-Go loader unit’s serial number.
  • Contact our Sales Team to confirm your loader unit originated at HTE.
  • Once confirmed, our Sales Team will assist you further with your savings!

Where to find your loader unit’s serial number:

  • Located between the winch and the cab of the truck.

*Note: Recent systems have a series of 6 numbers (123456), while legacy systems begin with the letter “S” followed by 4 numbers (S1234).



With an all-aluminum construction and super heavy duty long sills, the DuraMag dump body is stronger than steel with all the benefits of aluminum. Enjoy NO RUST, increased payload, a better ride, and fuel savings without compromising strength.

Buy a DuraMag 9.5’ DW Aluminum Dump body and save up to $2,000 today!


*Promotion valid while supplies last on in-stock items only.